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Objective of the Technology Assistant Program

Our main goal in developing the District Technology Assistant Program  is to give students real life hands on experiences with technology so that they can better determine at an early age if they want to pursue Technology as a career. This program allows students to obtain skills that could be of benefit to both community and the school district.  Plus, one of the byproducts of these skills is that they could earn some extra money working for the Technology Department during the school year or during the summer.  This is a win win situation for both the students and the school district.

How does the Technology Assistant Program Function?

The Technology Assistant Program is divided into two distinct programs. One is the Computer Support division and the other is the Video Support Program called Fox SCAN-TV.  In both of these programs students are learning skills and being trained to have  marketable skills for their future.

Students receive elective credit from the High School just like any other elective class at school.

Fox SCAN-TV Production

In 2005 the City was managing   the  local cable access channel  called SCAN-TV (Silverton Cable Access Network). Due to lack of funds and interest SCAN-TV began to offer less and less programming for the community. It was not being utilized to its full potential. The idea of having the Technology Department oversee it and thus allowing High School Students to help manage and provide more content for it begin to grow and  after many discussions and meetings the City Council finally agreed to signing an agreement whereby they would provide some financial support if the School District provided the labor (skills) to run it.  After the city purchased the necessary equipment SCAN-TV was moved from the Community Center to the High School thus creating a partnership between the City and the School District called Fox SCAN-TV.

Students now have a vehicle and resource in which they could learn skills to keep Fox SCAN-TV updated and provide ongoing content for the community to watch and enjoy.

In this program students learn many different types of multimedia skills: video editing, filming, graphic art and composition, sound production, and production management.  All these skills are utilized in providing content for SCAN-TV.  Here are a few examples of what students are now and have been involved in producing. A number of these events are also produced live to the community.   City Events:  City Council, Planning Commission, Urban Renewal, Mayoral Debates, Candidate Forums, First Citizen Banquets, Mural Dedications, Memorials,  Fire Department advertisements, Pet Parade, Homer Davenport days, Silverton Jazz Festival, 1st Friday coverage, and so forth.  Examples of School events: Graduation (Live), most all sports, Theater Productions, Choir and Band Concerts, Grade school Play and music programs, Mother’s Tea at CH, ICE Bucket Challenge, Assemblies, Guest Speakers and so forth. Private individuals: weddings, plays, dance recitals, Meetings, and so forth.

Last year Fox SCAN-TV produced almost 250 productions. Students are actively involved with almost all these events one way or another from filming to editing to DVD authoring.

Since most of these activities are outside the school class time students who demonstrate that they have the necessary skills can get paid to cover many of these events. Funding to pay students come from multiple sources: The City, High School, Technology Department and funds that come from  selling  DVDs and filming. Many times organizations or even private parties come to us and for a set fee we can film, edit, and produce a good quality DVD of their event.  Again this is a win win situation  for everyone. Students get the skills, make some money and the community gets a good product.

As you can see that this is no ordinary class. Students who take advantage of this class can obtain marketable skills in which to offer future employers.

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