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Objective of the Technology Assistant Program

Our main goal in developing the District Technology Assistant Program is to give students real life hands on experiences with technology so that they can better determine at an early age if they want to pursue Technology as a career. This program allows students to obtain skills that could be of benefit to both community and the school district. Plus, one of the byproducts of these skills is that they could earn some extra money working for the Technology Department during the school year or during the summer. This is a win win situation for both the students and the school district.

How does the Technology Assistant Program Function?

The Technology Assistant Program is divided into two distinct programs. One is the Computer Support division and the other is the Video Support Program called Fox SCAN-TV. In both of these programs students are learning skills and being trained to have  marketable skills for their future.

Students receive elective credit from the High School just like any other elective class at school.

Computer Support Program

Students are trained how to fix computer problems, problem solve multimedia technology, deal with printer issues and troubleshooting small network issues. Like a job, they clock in, report to their “supervisor” and get to work each day. In the beginning they are mostly recycling computers apart, learning how things go together hardware-wise and building computers. Then they begin to job shadow other student technicians who have been in the program a while. Soon they accumulate experience / knowledge and become proficient in technology support. Often times students who have taken this program end up landing a job right out of high-school pertaining to technology.

In this program students start work under a very sophisticated Help Desk system where they are trained to support, diagnose and repair computer problems and needs.  Each student is assigned help tickets from the Help Desk Manager who assesses their particular skill level. As they gain experience and skill, they are given high level help tickets to resolve.  In this program students end up supporting all 13 schools in the district plus the District Office.  Students are required to handle themselves in a professional manner and complete the same documentation of each problem that they work on in a Help Ticket data base much like private companies use.  As they progress in experience and know they also grow in the position that they hold.  There are a variety of levels of expertise. Many students remain in this program all throughout their senior years and finds jobs right away. We have students working in many different jobs and companies. My Help desk Manager, Program Manager and both of my Computer Technicians came from this program.

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