Technology Programs at Silverton High School

Our focus is to cultivate character and academic growth in each student every day and our goal is to provide fast connectivity, quality display and friendly technology services throughout the district. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Technology Programs offered at Silverton High School were developed to give students real-life hands on experiences with Information Communication Technologies (ICT). Students who complete these programs will have skills and work experience that will allow them to be employable either during or following high school. The Technology Programs are divided into two distinct programs. One focuses on computer support (Exploring Technology) and the other focuses media support and production (Fox SCAN-TV Productions). Students receive elective credit from the High School for taking these classes and after school work experiences are supervised by highly staff who have experience in the respective field of study.

Computer Support Program – Exploring Technology

Students are trained to troubleshoot technology throughout the district that includes printers, computer hardware, multimedia technology, and networking. Students are responsible for their own professional learning and complete work tasks each day. They start the program learning how hardware inside computers function as they participate in our technology recycling project. Students then job shadow other student technicians who have been in the program a while and make connections with their own learning. Soon they accumulate enough experience and knowledge to be assigned tickets that support school or district technology.

Our district Help Desk ticketing system provides real-time information on technology problems in all of your district buildings. Each student is assigned help tickets from the Help Desk Manager who continues to assesses their particular skill level and work performance. As they gain experience and skill, they are given high level help tickets to resolve or projects to manage.   Students are required to handle themselves in a professional manner and complete the same documentation of each problem that they work on in a Help Desk database much like private companies use. We have former students working in many different jobs and companies throughout the Northwest region and reconnect with them regularly to gain feedback on the relevance of our program in preparing future help desk technicians in Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Computer Science (CS). Our current Help Desk Manager, Network and Systems administrator, Media Assistant and Computer Technician were Silverton High School graduates who participated in our program.

Silver Fall School District Technology Help Desk (Exploring Technology)
“Fast internet, quality display and friendly service for all our students and teachers”


Fox SCAN-TV Production

Silver Falls School District partners with the City of Silverton to operate the local cable access channel, SCAN-TV (Silverton Community Access Network). These partnerships have provided students cooperative work experiences in both producing content and running the station. SCAN-TV and City Staff work together with students to provide a service to the Community and deal with real-world issues such as production value, priority programming, communication and copyright.  Staff and students collaborate to cover events, negotiate project costs and produce content with standard industry equipment and software.

In this program students learn many different types of multimedia skills: video editing, recording, graphic art and composition, sound production, and production management.  All these skills are utilized in producing content for SCAN-TV. Examples of community and school events are listed below and several are produced live as a service to the community: City meetings, Candidate Forums, First Citizen Banquets, memorials, Fire Department productions, and Homer Davenport days, high school graduation, most sporting events, theater productions, choir and band concerts, grade music programs, assemblies, Guest Speakers and more.

Silverton Community Access Network (SCAN-TV)
“Supporting student growth through service to the School, District and City”